Thursday, October 27, 2011

ALERT - Stolen Guitars

Four guitars stolen during a break in at Encore Music 2407 Lyndale Ave S Minneapolis on Sunday night this week.
1959 Gibson es-125 cherryburst SN#20326
1974 Gretsch country club
Charvel fusion black shredder guitar SN#326948
Kramer striker single duncan pickup
First two are very similar to photo. Please forward any info to the owner Chad Speck & aid in the recovery of these axes.
Encore Music 612-871-1775

Vote for Minnesota's Best Bass Player

You've worked the circuit, you've seen the players, you've grooved on the tone & the licks. You know who's a dedicated entertainer & who's a unreliable ego-ed out flake. Now's your chance to pay homage to the guys that have layed down the coolest combination of low notes so there was a foundation to build on. Click HERE to vote for the best bass player in Minnesota & show that you actually paid attention over the years. When you're done with that you can vote for MN's best guitarist on the same site.'s Megabase.
The pic above is a nice clean 74 Fender Precision American work horse. My black '71 P looks darn near identical to this one. Check back for photos.

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Washburn G-10V

These old Washburns from the 80's are some of the most functionally useful guitars out there for the money. It seems that everyone out there who has one of these got it for under $200 bucks. That's a steal for a quality US or JAP made vintage dive bombiming metal machine. Note the locking nut & the three on/ off switches for the pick ups! The hockey stick headstock would be enough to reel me in. Check out the value ratings on Harmony Central to learn more about why these are so loved. I've got my eye on a Washburn A-10 right now that is just oozing the MTV vibe. Frosty Atkinson is the proud new owner of this red relic, & you can join his fan club here. Someday I'll post a picture of his '65 Gibson Firebird. Here's his band's website: Catch Frosty's next big show at Pickle Park on Friday October 28. This is a great concert venue with a wonderful nightclub atmosphere. Make sure you check out the giant 32 foot Gibson guitar hanging over the bar while you're there.

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Japan Air Strike EX-1

When Fender JAPAN released their new line of active guitars in the eighties it didn't quite have the same impact as Hiroshima, mostly due to some of the heaviest competition the market has ever seen from other exporting manufacturers. Nonetheless, they produced some fine unique axes like like this pristine example. John Ryan's 1989 Fender Heartfield EX-1 finished in Blue-Burst. This bolt on beauty came with a recessed mount licensed Floyd Rose trem, active rail pick ups, which are very hot and loud! It also has some cool electronics like a boost switch, coil splitter, and a sweep control. You might be able to catch this axe out at a show with John's band Stealin the Covers. Check out their facebook page to find a list of their scheduled performances.

Sunday, October 23, 2011

1979 Gibson SG Exclusive

Great color combination on this Gibson from the late seventies. Finished off nicely with cream pick guard, block inlays, brass nut, fully bound neck & Grover tuners, this was one of the finest playing guitars I've experienced. With the jumbo frets & ultra low action, this axe practically played itself (like butter). It also featured factory pick-up coil tap controlled by a rotary "Tap" knob. Even the Dead Milkmen sound good using this axe in the video for "Punk Rock Girl". This was my third SG (25 years ago), & was the best one by far to date at that time. Only 478 of this model manufactured (one year only, 1979), & there were a couple available on the web recently. I'll file this in the "sold way too cheap" file along with my 1962 Fender Jazz. Oops!