Tuesday, December 27, 2011

One Big Bass - CONK

That's one big bass. If this had any more strings it'd be a piano.
I caught Jonathan Thomas doing a R&B show at the Shorewood lounge on Friday December 2nd with Ronn Easton. His bass really stands out; it's fairly unique so I snapped a pic. I had some other clubs to hit so I didn't get a chance to talk with him & ask him about his axe. You can use the comment section below to help correctly identify this hip seven string bass guitar. Jonathan plays around town with several different acts, so check his website to find out where he's laying it down.

Rock with me Friday & Saturday this weekend at St Croix Casino in Turtle Lake for our next big show on new years eve. We'll be dropping hundreds of balloons from the sky at midnight, with THOUSANDS of DOLLARS tucked inside to make this the greatest party ever. Hope to see you at the show to check what cool guitars we're using. Frosty says he'll be playing his '66 Gibson Firebird for a set, so come & party with us!