Friday, December 16, 2011

In Tune in Braham

Custom Davison shark fin V with classic coffin case. Owner Jake King of Braham MN. Jake runs a music store out of his house that resembles a small Music-Go Round. Bring your trade in & do some swapping if your in the neighborhood. Here's the official In Tune Music website, & here they are on on YouTube.

...Rock with me tonight at the Dog House in Maplewood.

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

The Schaefer's

Need Jazz? Nothing beats Fender for the style that launched a thousand artists. This pearloid Mexi Bass owned is by freelance bassist Chris Schaefer of Brooklyn Park. }:-D-
Chris says it's got great tone, playability & comfort; & for the little bit of dough he had to shell out at Music Go Round it simply can't be beat. You can tell it makes a nice addittion to the family.

Monday, December 12, 2011

Epiphone Les Paul Ultra III

I stopped at Best Buy in Roseville on Saturday to find this futuristic LP lingering on a hook with the other guitars, but after spotting the USB port I almost expected some clerk to mistakenly stock it with the printers or routers. Note the tuner mounted atop the pick up ring. Yes, handy indeed. Other unique feature is NanoMag acoustic pick up mounted at the base of the neck. Check out this impressive demo on YouTube.

Sunday, December 11, 2011

OK Corral in the UK

Wow. Let's all give kudos to Marvin Cairnes of UK for undertaking the immense task of reconstructing the famous 1970's Colt guitar from nothing more than a few parts rolling around in the remnants of his father's shop. This was no easy task, as many new parts had to be custom cast & made at a local foundry in order to properly complete this gem this year & pay homage to the original designer (his father), Jim Cairnes. Really a fine job, Marvin. Thanks for taking the time to share the picture of Colt #3. I'll post a picture of Joe Walsh's #1 when I am lucky enough to receive it. You can see a little bit of #2 in this rarely seen YouTube footage by clicking HERE. Enjoy.