Thursday, February 2, 2012


Classic Epics from Alembic. I wish I owned even one of these. Mmmmm. This guy could be a walking billboard for Alembic. These sweet Al's are really fine axe's, & twin cities rock legend Kenner Siegrist really lays it down right in the local clubs on the weekends with his band ROCKFIST. Kenner's a great player, & one hell of a nice guy with a very impressive collection. I think I see his guild pilot case in the background... More from Kenner here in the future. Hey Kenner, have Bender send me a few guitar pictures & I'll post em'. Click here for the official Rockfist website, & check them out on YouTube also.

Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Wall of Gibson

When the Highlander heard there can only be one he knew they weren't talking about the Gibson selection at Maple Grove's premier guitar retailer American Guitar & Band. With selection this good, why limit yourself to picking just one? AGB owner Cory Lake has dedicated himself to ensuring his customers the most pleasurable guitar shopping experience around. Don't take my word for it. Stop in & get ready to be blown away by great gear & friendly helpful staff. Talk to John Lockner, the best guitar & accessory salesman in the twin cities. He'll greet you at the front counter, find out what your after, & amaze you with his knowledge of modern & vintage gear! Visit the store at 13777 Grove Drive North Maple Grove, Mn 55311, or call 763 424-4888 for info on how they can help you with your quest for Rock & Roll stardom.

Monday, January 30, 2012

Emperor's New Clothes

1997 Epiphone Emperor Regent archtop jazz guitar, fondly dubbed "Goldfingers" by owner George Paulos of Little Canada. This is a true hollow body guitar with a laminated spruce top & stunning sparkle gold finish. Once again George has reworked this axe to taste by refitting with a lot of new hardware, including an ebony bridge, Kent Armstrong pickup, Wilkinson Keystone tuners, and a harp trapeze tailpiece to replace the traditional Epiphone "Frequensator" tailpiece which would not fit his strings. George loves freaking out stuck-up jazz snobs with this ultra gaudy glitter axe. Although it is primarily a jazz guitar, it can get a real gnarly sound when run into a rock amp, just don't get too close! Check out George's band Rhythm Engine to see this axe, along with his other unique guitars performing live locally in the twin cities.

Sunday, January 29, 2012

Holy Grail

Freak of the Week
I talked with Don Greenwald of HeadlessUSA yesterday & he told me about the quest of how he finally acquired this, the holy grail of all things STEINBERGER, the original prototype! Having this is like owning the the first Rickenbacker electric frying pan or the original electric log from Les Paul. Holy cow. If you ever needed motivation to explore new worlds & seek seek out long lost axes, Don's story will provide the inspiration. Read the full article in the January issue of Premiere Guitar. Thanks for everything Don. Nice doing business with you.