Friday, February 18, 2011

Email upload test - Darcel's Jem

Testing to make sure I can upload a pic to this site form my email. Here's an old shot of Darcel Jones with his '89 Ibanez Jem. Darcel was one of my first guitar students that I signed up in Anoka back in 1982. He's put some mileage on this axe over the last 20 years, & he sure can shred. Now he's the master, & I'm just, (well) old. Would love to see him performing out again one day soon.

Phone upload test: - Blue Anniversary Stratocaster - USA

Testing to see if I can upload to this site from my phone. Looks like it's working. Got my blue American Fender sparkle strat from ebay, & it arrived in mint condition. It's a 50th anniversary model from 1996. I always thought that the matching headstock was a nice touch. I purchased this contempo pop-machine to use in a duo setting with Raven, in which we performed together for a few years.

Avoiding Tom

Classic footage of my favorite local chick band "Avoiding Tom", featuring Kimmy Knowels, Pammy Scarbrough, Stef Eulinberg, & Jen Asmus-Castro. Recorded at Bogart's Place in Apple Valley, 1997. These girls really rocked the twin cities right. Oodles of talent, & so entertaining. I hope they all still get a chance to occasionally rock. I really miss these girls. They put on a great show.

Ibanez 20th Anniversaary Jem

Freak of the Week
Gosh, she's a beauty. The most sustaneous pick-ups imaginable, & the finish; well it doesn't have one. You can see right through this translucent beauty. Every serious player deserves one of of these coveted axes for ripping out a few Vai licks when the mood strikes. For now I'll have to be content just to look at the picture. It looks like it's going fast even when it's just sitting there. Zoom, Zoom.

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Minneapolis Guitar Review

Hello, Minneapolis! Max Luebeck here. Welcome to the Twin Cities most dangerous guitar blog featuring cool axes from cool performers & collectors in the midwest. I'll be posting info on guitars, amps, effects, & other pertinent fun stuff weekly, so subscribe or keep checking back to see who & what is happening. Please stop in often to comment on the links to some great axes & performances. I'll be accepting outside contributors as well, so please send your posts to me for consideration at Feel free to respond & let me know you're playing & what you're up to. Watch for my new business site coming soon at:
Thanks. Here's looking forward to a happy & prosperous season for all.