Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Washburn G-10V

These old Washburns from the 80's are some of the most functionally useful guitars out there for the money. It seems that everyone out there who has one of these got it for under $200 bucks. That's a steal for a quality US or JAP made vintage dive bombiming metal machine. Note the locking nut & the three on/ off switches for the pick ups! The hockey stick headstock would be enough to reel me in. Check out the value ratings on Harmony Central to learn more about why these are so loved. I've got my eye on a Washburn A-10 right now that is just oozing the MTV vibe. Frosty Atkinson is the proud new owner of this red relic, & you can join his fan club here. Someday I'll post a picture of his '65 Gibson Firebird. Here's his band's website: Catch Frosty's next big show at Pickle Park on Friday October 28. This is a great concert venue with a wonderful nightclub atmosphere. Make sure you check out the giant 32 foot Gibson guitar hanging over the bar while you're there.

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