Wednesday, September 28, 2011

1995 Ernie Ball EVH

Povlitzki's was the host to another of my long standing favorite north-side bands September 9th. Brandon Przezdziecki was laying it down with his cool Music Man for Inside Out. These small body EVH's have sustain for days, & the headstock design can't be beat. It's always a real treat to sit in with IOB. Click here for the Band's schedule.

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Purple Rein

We may never know exactly what the hell this is. Rumor has it that it's called an Auerswald Model C & it's manufactured right here in mini apples. We can be certain it's one of the most uncomfortable axes used in a live performance. Looks like they took a 80's Roland synth axe, tuned it upside down, gave it even more sharp edges, & added some really ugly gold hardware. This guitar helped the artist formerly known as Prince redefine the glam movement. Would be cool to spot him around Minneapolis once in a while.
Click HERE to see the purple one's guitar collection.