Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Retro 54 LP Classic

Here's a closet classic sent in today by a personal friend asking about this guitar that his brother in-law's mom's boyfriend has owned for years. All indicators point to some variation of a 1954 gold top, & condition is remarkable. Still looking into actual production year, but it's so pretty I thought we should post it & gather some comments & see to find out what it's worth, etc. Thanks for reading.

Sunday, November 18, 2012

Washburn WR150

Here's another rocking axe from the collection of Stevek Williavich right here in town.

  Washburn Rocker Series WR150. It has been refitted with a Seymore Duncan JB humbucker at the bridge, a Seymore Duncan JB single-coil in the center, and a GFS Li'l Killer at the neck, then custom wired with a coil tap switch for the Li'l Killer and a series/parallel switch for the JB. The 5-way switch is still wired conventional but the pickups and switching make this humble little axe into a very versatile tone machine. It also sports GraphTech saddles on the Fender-type trem and a GraphTech nut.

This guitar is for sale now and comes in it's original hard case. Send your offers to: stringed4you@gmail.com.