Friday, November 25, 2011

America the Beautiful

1996 USA Fender Special Edition Buck Owens edition Fender Telecaster. This is really one of the most beautiful Teles that I've ever seen, & you can guess that it plays like a dream. Routed out for a 3rd pickup by Brad Paisley’s guy at Cook Guitars in West Virginia. Originally had gold hardware & gold pickguard, now changed to nickel & pearl. Pick ups have been upgraded to Joe Bardens along with a 5 way switch & 2-way toggle. B-Bender installed by Brad’s bender guy, Charlie McVay in Pennsylvania. Also has locking tuners and a custom tone/volumes knobs with red M.O.P.
      This axe isn't just for show. Owner Mark Heurkins of Big Lake plays it everyday & says this guitar will have to be pried out of his cold dead hands! Mark is pickin & a grinnin with this fine machine at local clubs around town with his band Blue Canyon. Catch their next show Sunday, December 4th, 4:00 pm at Neumann's Bar in North St Paul. Follow them on facebook HERE.

Rock with me tonight at Buster's in Owatonna.

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Just Like Living in Paradise

Paradise guitars USA - Jason Becker - Siganture model. Owner Haanz Vakker of Spring Lake Park says that playability was a key factor when this one was on the drawing board. It's great for recording, as the ultra sustaneous pick ups are very quiet between passages. Check out the YouTube video of Haanz ripping it up on this axe. Click Here for the schedule of where to see Haanz shredding this guitar live with his band JoyRide,

Tonight: Pov's in Andover

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Electric Mandobird VIII

Our show at the St Croix casino yesterday allowed me the opportunity once again to view a portion of the collection of Steve Lindstrom from Amery, WI. Here's his Epiphone Electric Mandobird VIII (8 String Mandolin in vintage sunburst finish). It's not every day that you run across these, so it's nice when someone generously shares their odd instrument. I snapped a few pics of some of his other axes, & I'll post them at a later time. Here's looking forward to featuring more specimens from Steve's collection & getting additional pics when we return to Turtle Lake for our next big show on new years eve. We'll be dropping hundreds of balloons from the sky at midnight, with THOUSANDS of DOLLARS tucked inside to make this the greatest party ever. Hope to see you at the show to check what cool guitars we're using.