Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Japan Air Strike EX-1

When Fender JAPAN released their new line of active guitars in the eighties it didn't quite have the same impact as Hiroshima, mostly due to some of the heaviest competition the market has ever seen from other exporting manufacturers. Nonetheless, they produced some fine unique axes like like this pristine example. John Ryan's 1989 Fender Heartfield EX-1 finished in Blue-Burst. This bolt on beauty came with a recessed mount licensed Floyd Rose trem, active rail pick ups, which are very hot and loud! It also has some cool electronics like a boost switch, coil splitter, and a sweep control. You might be able to catch this axe out at a show with John's band Stealin the Covers. Check out their facebook page to find a list of their scheduled performances.

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