Tuesday, November 8, 2011

1967 Voxmobile

Freak of the Week
Even though the owners of this Barris custom currently reside in Denver, I just had to upload this because of the obvious tie in with the previous post below. So here it is - the one and only VOXMOBILE! In 1967, VIP's from Vox corporation approached George Barris to build a Voxmobile guitar car. George had just finished the Bat mobile, & would soon be making the Monkey mobile. The idea was to fabricate a custom roadster that would function both as a car and as a mobile amplifier, designed to be used for promotional purposes. Their dreams came true with Vox mobile, a vehicle with a Vox guitar silhouette that served as a functioning amp that could support up to 32 guitars, and also featured a working Vox Super Continental organ in the rear deck. You can learn more from the Barris Customs page.
Here are more cool Vox mobile links:

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