Thursday, May 10, 2012

To Suhr, with Love.

You know there's a good party going on when T.C. veteran entertainers Jonah & the Whales hit the stage at a local suburban pub here in town. Last Friday was no exception when lead player Scot Prudhomme layed down the solos at Robbinsdale's newly remodeled night club: "The Lodge". Scot says "the guitar does all the work", though I'm not convinced that's the whole story. He was playing a Suhr Pro Series S6 that plays like a dream and has the second best feeling neck he's ever played (next to his ’89 Strat). Most Suhrs have to be custom ordered but he found his config at a dealer in Florida and bought it sight unseen based on the reviews. He needed something with a Floyd Rose to cover the Whales gig, and wasn’t finding anything that tripped his trigger from Jackson, Ibanez or Ernie Ball. It is the only guitar he's purchased without playing it first, & it's been one of his best gear purchases.

Suhr is a high end custom builder doing mostly unique orders. They cut their own bodies, necks, pickguards and wind their own pickups. Unlike the Suhr Custom series, The Pro series has a set config which allows them to keep the price lower by producing in quantities but uses all of the same parts that the Custom line offers. This one is a Suhr Pro Series S6 in Honey Burst- Basswood body with 5A grade Flame Maple top. The pickups are the hot and juicy but clear SSH+ in the bridge and the classic and sweet sounding SSV in the neck with a Gotoh locking Tremolo. The neck is a very friendly even taper slim C shape. The thickness runs .800" at the first fret to .880" at the 13th fret. It is their most popular shape and John Suhr's personal favorite.

You should get out to a Whales gig & have Scot show you this impressive rock grinder.

Join me & the whole Rock it Science gang at the Basement in Prior Lake this Friday 5/11/2012 - That is if they get their liquor license reinstated by tomorrow...

Monday, May 7, 2012

The Versatile Librada CUSTOM

The Librada is a exquisitely beautiful acoustic/electric model that is meticulously designed & built for the gigging musician who wants one guitar that will give great acoustic guitar sounds, as well as great electric guitar sounds.
Very special thanks to Tim Reede of Tim Reede's Custom Guitars for this week's submission. The acoustic guitar circuit is completely separate from the electric guitar circuit, & there are two separate output jacks. The acoustic sound can be sent to an acoustic guitar amp or into a direct box to a PA system. The electromagnet pickup can be run to an electric guitar amp. You may use one or the other or both at the same time for a stereo effect. This is a great guitar to use with sampling pedals. You can sample an acoustic rhythm and play an electric lead over it. How cool is that?
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