Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Small Package, Big Sound.

The newest addition to my family has arrived via UPS today. 4 string black Steinberger. I currently use a white Steinberger that is nearly identical, but this one has a feature that my white one doesn't: Drop D tuner factory mounted on the bridge. These are fairly hard to come by,  & I feel honored to have this fine working axe in the arsenal. 1984 was the year that I first purchased a new Steinberger bass from the music store where I was employed at the time, & I used that bass in the band "PANIC" along with Rod House, with whom I'd like to reconnect. My how time flies. I'll post photos of that particular bass on this forum in the near future. Keep checking back.
Want to see & hear the white Steinberger in action around the twin cities? Click HERE & follow the TOUR link at the top.