Monday, April 16, 2012

Root Beer - Ibanez RG570

The ever reliable Ibanez RG-570 is known to be one of the fastest & smoothest playing guitars around. With the world famous ultra slim Wizard neck at the forefront of desirable components on this axe, you can close your eyes & swear you were playing IBZ's flagship Jem. Anywho... I won't be using this guitar any longer in our current setting, so I launched it on Craigslist this week ( Shoot me an offer at if you find yourself in need of a locking Floyd Rose equipped tone monger that sustains til next Tuesday & dive bombs like it's WWII. It's in great shape, as it's never left my house even once over the years. The finish is metal flake, & it's called Root Beer Sparkle.

Rock with me this Saturday Night (4/21) at GB Leighton's Pickle Park in Fridley

Sunday, April 15, 2012

Mellow Yellow

I stopped into the Anoka Flea Market today & spotted a plethora of used guitars, banjos, & mandolins that made for a pleasant perusal. Patty from Earthway Music runs a musical exchange in South Haven, & was kind enough to show me this screaming yellow zonker. It's a neck through Les Paul copy import that's priced to sell, & plays surprisingly well. Check out the odd pick-up array of Humbucker, single coil, & soap bar. Hmmm... if you recognize this guitar you can use the comment section below to correctly identify it & claim your bragging rights. Watch for Patty's unique selection of stringed instruments at various trade fairs around the area, or contact her at 320 236-7852 to shop her axes. Here's the email contact as well: