Saturday, May 26, 2012


The latest release from rogue builder Doomadelic Guitars in Coon Rapids. A lot of notoriety has come his way for his tasteful one-offs. Get the details on this unique hot rod from designer Steve Janke at:

Monday, May 21, 2012

Enger & Frank

This FRANKENSTEIN bass is a custom built beauty conceived, calculated and crafted by Derek Enger of Elk River. It began as a "no name" Fender that was purchased from Mainstreet Music in Elk River. It came with a twisted neck, low grade tarnished brass & chrome hardware, & natural grain finish. Purchased mainly for the body & EMG pick-ups. It had a good clear defined tone for recording, but definitely needed updating for optimum playability. Neck was replaced with a Mighty Mite, tuners updated to gold Schaller, & bridge swapped for a gold hipshot. This bass’s balls dropped, but not completely satisfied with the look, finish was coated in black with tortoise pickgaurd. The action is set high, for a beefy edge good for all slap, fingering & pick techniques. As a final piece to this bass, Derek would like to add a hipshot drop D tuner on the E string. Hmmm; I think I've got one laying around here somewhere... This is now a serious bass to be reckoned with. You can ask Derek all about this & his other axes this Saturday June 2nd at Benton Station, 303 North Benton Drive in Sauk Rapids He'll hanging out with the rest of the band.