Tuesday, April 3, 2012


Straight from the 1983 Sears wishbook catalog, here's their top of the line P.O.S. ; the Kay Effector. My semi-authetic looking Les Paul copy, complete with ultra cheesy on-board effects. Enjoy a step back through time with this link to the original catalog page. These crazy instruments received awful reviews, but collectors seem to love 'em. Check out what they're bringing on ebay these days. I'll take the first $200 cash someone hands me. While campy & cool, the questionable electronics on these rare guitars keep them from ever being reliable stage axes. Still fun to show off cuz they're so weird with all the knobs & switches for Fuzz, Wah, Trem, & Echo.


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  2. I was lucky enough to stumble across Max's review of the Effector and had the $200 he was looking for. A brief conversation with Max sealed the deal, and the guitar arrived in Connecticut today. It will be joining a long lost sibling, as my very first electric guitar was one of these, and I still have it. The one I just got from Max is in better shape than my first one, which got a replacement neck back in 1985.

    Thanks Max!