Thursday, February 16, 2012


Steve Pritchard of Maple Grove has a massive troop of Ibanez guitars to recruit from when it comes time to select an axe for a bombastic battle of guitar mayhem. This one is a RG570 custom, & the JAWS shark fin inlays pop right out at you. I've got one of these RG570's, & the necks are ultra slim for fast playing. The pick-ups have tone & sustain like the JEM. Everything gets locked down on these before battle, so you're assured great pitch when returning from a deadly dive bomb mission with your squadron. Don't be deceived by the title of this post. This guitar is definately a overachiever. Check out Steve's cool band: The Underachievers on Facebook, or find him through the website.

Rock with me & the Rockittes Friday February 17th at G B Leighton's Pickle Park in Fridley.

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