Sunday, February 19, 2012

Remember the Alamo

This picture submitted by a new reader in the Brainerd area. Rare 60's hard tail ALAMO with era correct speckle body finish. Southland Music & Charles Eilenberg started the company after WWII with record players & transistor radios & began manufacturing guitars after 1960, but were out of the game by 1970. They only made solid body guitars for a few short years. Jerry is open to offers on this axe, as he's offering this one for sale. Give him a call at (320) 420-2625 for more details. Ask what other cool vintage axes he's pulling out of his collection. He's got some interesting stuff that you don't see everyday. I'll post more of Jerry's guitars soon.

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  1. I have one of these great little Tele knock-offs, purchased from a buddy here in Seattle back in 1982 for $40, I have played it and enjoyed the low, fast actin ever since. Couple of years ago I took it to Luthier and restoration expert Joe Reggio in Tacoma to fix a tuning peg and Joe fixed me up with a couple of new frets, updated volume pot and a Lollar pickup. Sound and plays superbly. Not for sale, as its just too cool to part with....