Sunday, December 11, 2011

OK Corral in the UK

Wow. Let's all give kudos to Marvin Cairnes of UK for undertaking the immense task of reconstructing the famous 1970's Colt guitar from nothing more than a few parts rolling around in the remnants of his father's shop. This was no easy task, as many new parts had to be custom cast & made at a local foundry in order to properly complete this gem this year & pay homage to the original designer (his father), Jim Cairnes. Really a fine job, Marvin. Thanks for taking the time to share the picture of Colt #3. I'll post a picture of Joe Walsh's #1 when I am lucky enough to receive it. You can see a little bit of #2 in this rarely seen YouTube footage by clicking HERE. Enjoy.

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  1. Hi Max thanks for the link to The American Guitar Museum that's the first time i have seen that footage. With a bit of luck it won't take too long for Joe to send you some pictures of him and the Colt and if he struggles to find his among his archived collection next time he is in the UK he can use mine!.