Friday, November 25, 2011

America the Beautiful

1996 USA Fender Special Edition Buck Owens edition Fender Telecaster. This is really one of the most beautiful Teles that I've ever seen, & you can guess that it plays like a dream. Routed out for a 3rd pickup by Brad Paisley’s guy at Cook Guitars in West Virginia. Originally had gold hardware & gold pickguard, now changed to nickel & pearl. Pick ups have been upgraded to Joe Bardens along with a 5 way switch & 2-way toggle. B-Bender installed by Brad’s bender guy, Charlie McVay in Pennsylvania. Also has locking tuners and a custom tone/volumes knobs with red M.O.P.
      This axe isn't just for show. Owner Mark Heurkins of Big Lake plays it everyday & says this guitar will have to be pried out of his cold dead hands! Mark is pickin & a grinnin with this fine machine at local clubs around town with his band Blue Canyon. Catch their next show Sunday, December 4th, 4:00 pm at Neumann's Bar in North St Paul. Follow them on facebook HERE.

Rock with me tonight at Buster's in Owatonna.

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