Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Diver Down - B2A

Here's the pic that I've been promising of the first Steinberger licensed bass that I purchased back in '84 from Crazy Jim's Anoka Music Center, (now Mr. Mark's Music) which I first referenced in the Wednesday, July 13, 2011 post "Small Package, Big Sound". The diving flag paint scheme is pretty unique, but in line with the styles of the day. Distributed by Hohner & tagged as B2A (Bass, 2 pick-up, Active electronics) this was really bargain priced for the day ($399). If anyone remembers Rod House from the band PANIC, tell him I'd like to buy this one back to use in my current touring bass line-up. This axe photographs very nicely & would work well in our current setting.
My next in town show is this Saturday, November 5th at Main street in Hopkins. Swing in for a cocktail if you're in the neighborhood. Next up after that is Saturday November 12th at McCracken's in Burnsville where I'll be playing the white Steinberger pictured up at the top of this page.

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