Sunday, October 30, 2011

1966 Ibanez Dega

Guitar of the Week
Japanese export from 1966, Ibanez Dega, catalog #452. You'll rarely see one of these in Minneapolis, but there have been sitings reported. It's the mystery of the outcome of the hunt that makes us continually seek out gems like this. Now you tell me, who wouldn't pick this up at a local garage sale if you saw one. I don't care who you are; certain guitars are so alluring that we become helpless as if there were a beautiful naked woman standing in front of us. We open our wallets & walk away smiling with our prize.


  1. They had one on the wall at Pickle Park back when it was some sober bar/billiards joint. Maybe 10-15 years ago. Cool.

  2. I believe it was T.R. McCoys. I'd love to see another of these surface around town. It's very Star Trekish. It would look right in the hands of a Klingon.