Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Rockabilly Heaven

Here's an early 1960's single pick-up arch top electric from KAY. I've got a soft spot for these old catalog guitars that were once plentiful in rural America which are now becoming increasingly hard to find id decent condition. This is one of a few fine specimens that I picked up this weekend from my fourth cousin (twice removed); the well known HAM radio aficionado Bob Bartkus in Moundsview. He's preserved this axe quite nicely over the years, & I'm certainly proud to call it mine at this time. There is just no substitute for vintage Mojo.

UPDATE, 10/13/2012:  This little wonder has already been SOLD now. Congratulations to Johnny from NE Minneapolis. We'll all still get to see this guitar in his weekly shows here in Mpls.

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