Monday, September 24, 2012


Here's a closeup of Gary Vogel's Gibson Factoryburst-- a limited edition reissue of the 1959 LP standard sunburst (only 50 made of this finish).  These babies are entirely handmade to exact standards  of the 1959 models, down to the nth degree-- finish, pickups, woods, everything.  Gary recently got this from American Guitar Boutique. Those guys are great; fantastic service, friendly, expert knowledge, and good prices on the good stuff.

Gary always choose his guitars by playing them acoustically first-- you can easily tell the exceptional ones in how they feel & respond before you plug them in. All of his LP's are of the kind where everything comes together on a particular guitar, to create something magical that sets them apart from the others. He's also got a Silverburst that blew him away even though he doesn't particularly like that color, so he had to buy it. Same goes for his 2009 Tradition Standard. It out-shined nearly 50 other LP's that he tried over the course of a month.

When Gary picked this baby up, he KNEW where all the extra $$$ went-- This baby is awe-inspiring in how it just channels your energy, and sparks your muse.  He's usually into much thinner necks, but the feel of this thicker chunkier profile is not a hindrance for some reason.

Gary says: "I have not played any guitar that comes close to this baby.  Yes, I am in love!"

"Come out to see my band MFG (we are on Facebook, natch) and see and hear her in action.  We play Oct 20 9pm at Driftwood Char Bar in S. Mpls. and Mayslacks Nov 30 in NE Mpls." 

Want to learn more about Gary? Here's some links I found on the Web for additional cool stuff.

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