Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Wyatt's Wonderful J-200

Wyatt Cote has been swapping guitars since his early teens & has now accumulated many cool specimens. I think the rarest of his prized vintage instruments currently is a Gibson J-200....Jr.
Made in the 90s at the Bozeman factory, Gibson only did a limited run for a few years. You could travel to guitar shops around the US & you'd rarely see another. Wyatt acquired this at a local pawn shop in Mankato for $900, which was a bargain so he snatched it up and has been looking on ebay, craigslist and gbase ever since to see if he could find another one.
Wyatt is currently seeking a new band to work with in the metro area, He lives in Mankato, but if the circumstances are right he would move or just drive without a problem.  He wants to play guitar for a living, and has done a pretty good job so far at paying the bills so far; but he's finding it a little tough to find work at the moment.
Here is his webpage, it has links to Facebook , Youtube & Twitter  
Thanks for sending the great photos, Wyatt. Best of luck to you.

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