Thursday, July 19, 2012

прикажи детаље

First, I would like to thank you for promoting my electric guitar construction design. I will try, in short terms, to describe its function. Essentially, there are two changes that should be made to the regular guitar design:

1. Change in the guitar neck

A channel should be carved along the full length of the guitar neck as shown in the drawing. It will allow a perfect grip and ergonomics of the hand on the guitar neck, more precisely of the metacarpal bone of the index finger [metacarpus]. The metacarpal bone fits inside the channel and hence decreases the tension of the hand and allows easy guitar playing without unnecessary big effort and tiredness. It will also enable bigger mobility of the fingers.

2. Change in the guitar body

The point of the guitar body where it connects to the neck has a cuboid shape. That creates difficulties when playing high notes. My design suggests curving and rotating the cuboid with radius as in the drawing. The junction is created using 5 bolts with special cone-shaped shims.

I believe that this is a radical improvement of the electric guitar design and with proper marketing, advertising, and promotional operations the market will accept it swiftly.

I do not have the required financial and physical facilities to conduct the design changes on my own, so I am hoping for your involvement in the realization of the project. Tell me what your opinion is on this, we can discuss the details at a later stage.

Looking forward to your reply,
Best regards,

Ljuben Karalievski
Dame Gruev 82
6000 Ohrid
Republic of Macedonia

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