Friday, April 27, 2012


A friend of mine stopped over to jam a couple weeks ago, & without missing a beat I leaned over & snapped a couple shots of his back-up 6 string tele while it was resting on the stand. The Bender is a surprisingly sweet playing axe with bastardized tremelo, as indicated on the custom headstock decal. The neck feels meaty, with the big frets you wouldn't expect to find on a fender. This is one guitar you need to see & hear, the next time the Whatknots play in a burb near you. Dan Hanson, the regional sales rep for Fender will be happy to show you this & other guitars he uses on the show. Click HERE for their web page. They're practically the world's greatest cover band.

Rock with me tonight at Neisen's in Savage. It's gonna be a great NO COVER show.

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