Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Have a Cigar

A big congratulations is in order for this proud new Papa. Here are Johnee D'Shea's new babies: Custom USA endorsement REX4 & REX5 (Rex Brown/Pantera) Spectors and Paolo Gregoletto signature B.C. Rich 5 string. If these aren't the most beautiful basses you've seen in a while, then you should definitely drop him an email & tell him so. All three of these gems have beautiful tops, but check out the mass of brass used for the bridges on the Spectors! Johnee has a marvelous collection of great sounding basses that he's used in twin cities bands from ShakyJake to LunaSea, & LadyLuck. Want to see these ultra sleek basses live in action? Find out where, by clicking into the Johnnee D'Shea facebook page.

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