Sunday, January 8, 2012

ESP-ecially fine

I love a good cocktail party, & my good fortune brought me a return invitation to the social event of the sticks last night. The annual south side musicians party was a huge success, & allowed me the opportunity visit with long time colleagues, talk shop, & view a portion of the vast collection of Cary Havlicek, current resident of New Prague. I snapped several pics, but this ESP purchased at Rhapsody Music in Mankato stood out as a particularly prime example for my site. The beautifully finished highly figured carved maple cap is the apex of this axe, but the recess mounted Floyd trem is world class, as is the fully bound neck & body! Check out more of his axes at Downtown Sound where he is the full time instructor to all the upcoming guitar heroes. Thanks for everything, Cary. I look forward to working with you again one day soon.

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