Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Battlescar Gallactica

This high mileage heavy metal Stratocaster is owned & built by Kelly Peterson from Blaine. Great beginnings for this one, starting life as a 1983 alder body reissue of a 1957. New features now include tone zone in the bridge position, dimarzio paf pro in neck position, & stacked coil razor from AllParts in the mid position. Fender logo on Jackson replacement neck with ebony board, Kahler locking nut &super jumbo frets attached to body now routed out for Floyd Rose. This battle worn weapon has earned it's stripes. Kelly has always stayed busy working with many past acts such as Rocking Horse, Regime, Badditude, Killawatts (the list goes on & on). Kelly is as talented & reliable as they come in this business. We got our music degrees together back in the 80's, so you know he's got it down right tight! He's one heck of a luthier as well. Some of Kelly's current projects are K-Train doing classic rock & Custard Pie, a cool Zep tribute act.
You can always hit the official website to find out where to rock with the Kman. He might even let you sit in, or at least let you knock over one of his guitars. }:-D-
Stay tuned for future posts featuring more of Kelly's other hip battle axes.

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