Friday, November 11, 2011

1968 Gibson Dove

This classic is owned by Dan Osberg of Cottage Grove. Dan inherited this gem from his father who played a lot of shows in South Minneapolis back in the day. Note the addition of a custom clear plexi pick guard on the top. This axe has played a lot of polka & country before Dan ever got rocking on it. While this guitar has a lot of monetary value, nothing can compare to the sentimental value that Dan places on this classic honky tonk machine. I've played many shows with Dan this year. He a solid reliable player, & a dedicated rocker who's most noted for his prior work with the twin cities based Metallica tribute show "One".


  1. I have an all-original 1968 Dove in red/yellow sunburst. I ordered it from Kalamazoo in 1968 and am the original owner since new. It is ALL original, grovers, frets, saddles, tune-o-matic...neck never off the guitar. Original frets still work, I play-out every Friday at a coffee shop with a drop-in pickup and a practice amp with a Line-6 Pocket Pod. OHSC is in fine shape, guitar is in "very good" condition. Best playing acoustic ever in my hands, everyone who has ever played it agrees. My sound....AWESOME tone, open wood is super mellow. Huge bass response, I fill the room even without the amp. Beats Taylor and Martin hands-down.

  2. Thanks for the info on your Dove, Bill. I'm sure it's 99.7 % pure. It would be swell if you'd send in a picture to: . I know everyone would love to see it on this website. Which coffee shop do you perform at?

  3. The coffee shop is called "Sambalatte" which is in Summerlin, a northwest affluent suburb of Vegas. Go to my website and you'll see my Dove and me on videos playing various songs there. also:

    I also do custom guitar setups (long time!) and when I let folks play the Dove their jaw drops!! It is a joy to play, indeed. I use 10 gauge light strings, D'adarrio 80/20 bronze EXP's (Nano-coated) and they sound huge without making the guitar hard to play. They also put less stress on the top which is why it is still intact after all these years. The decision in 1968 to buy the Dove was one of the best I ever made, and it was on the advice of a friend.