Monday, October 10, 2011

Dynamic Duo

These early Charvel Hydra guitars are just about as cool as the guys that played them. Enter Johnnie Donaldson & Dugan McNeil from famed midwestern regional act Chameleon. The first time that I got my hands on these axes was back in '83 at the old Palms Ballroom in Renville with my band WYZDOM while sharing the stage with this legendary act. So many pick ups & knobs on these rock machines; it looked like you were flying the star ship Enterprise. The six string non-reverse had been repainted black as it's shown in the picture. The reverse 4 string is a little harder to come by, as I believe it to be a custom from the Knut. If you know where either of these two axes may have ended up drop me a line.


  1. Thanks for bringing back that fun memory of the Palms Ballroom with WYZDOM sharing the stage with the legendary act Chameleon. You remember the guitars, but I remember talking to Yani about keyboards!

  2. Yes Mark, Yanni was very cool. But what was most impressive to me was the show as a whole & how well they worked together, (even the crew). If only we could have had you playing upside down like Charlie did we might have been famous also. }:-D-